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Artist statement

Currently my video work is invested in the movements that occur indoors and outdoors due to the actions of the wind. I am concerned with the beauty of changing light and shapes of things affected by the wind or by light filtered or reflected from things shifting in the wind. My intent is to alter the mood of the viewer through observing these movements over the duration of my video. The viewer may find themselves becoming calmer or more agitated depending on the movements and their rhythms. An example of this affect would be my videos of the spring break-up of ice on the St. Clair River. Some of these videos have dramatic complicated movements from right to left and up and down. This can cause queasiness in some people. Another video of the same theme is slow and peaceful, with small ice flows meandering down the beautiful, translucent, green river.

Recently, I have created videos based on movement but of the local chemical plants and the jerker line system of the heritage oil fields, both in Lambton County, Ontario. This thread of my movement work is called 'Strange Beauty'.

Lately, my photography has shifted from the natural world of lichen, rocks, and water to the artificial world of still life. With my still life photos, I set up collectibles in some sort of whimsical relationship with one another and within a background that augments a sense of 3-D space. My intent is to amuse myself and the viewer.

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